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Welcome to The Swim School Shreveport/Bossier the premiere aquatic education program in the Ark-LA-Tex! Our instructors have been teaching SCUBA diving and swimming since 1969. Over 17,000 students have been safely trained in our programs. Because your children retain learned skills best in a year-round schedule, we offer year-round lessons. You and your child will find yourselves surrounded by a staff dedicated to making this swim lesson experience one of your child’s fondest memories!


“Swim Teachers Inspiring Lifetime Swimmers”


National Institute of Health study states that participating in formal swimming lessons was associated with an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning in children between the ages of 1 to 4.


Swim lessons are no substitute for adult supervision of children. We offer a comfortable space inside to watch your children on our projection screen, and of course, you are always welcome out on the pool deck. Parents are not allowed to leave the facility during their child’s swim lessons.

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Swim Schools International (or SSI) bases their training program for swim teachers on a set of Training Standards, which begin with ethical standards, and move toward specifics of teaching.  Each class level has standards for how it should be taught, each Swim Teacher Certification has standards for how it should be taught, and Swim Centers have standards that maintain quality from one Swim Center to another.  Simply put, using standards means peace of mind for you.


SSI has years of experience developing and implementing certifications, with over 40 years in the realm of Scuba Diver certifications.  SSI ported over the strong underpinnings of that certification process and applied it to swim teaching to create the most prepared and capable swim teachers in the world.  The Swim School teachers undergo a home study program, classroom training and pool training to learn the specific skills properly.  In order to focus their training on the correct group of swimmers, each certification level requires hands-on apprenticeship time under another certified SSI Swim Teacher.  SAFETY and CONSISTENCY for your swimmers are the names of the game here.  Using this apprenticeship requirement means that every certified The Swim School teacher has experience teaching with another before beginning to teach classes on their own.

All Teachers are also insured through Swim Schools International.


The Swim Schools International award winning standardized lesson plans, known as the Gold Script© , allows The Swim School to create an open enrollment program without impact to the progression of the swimmer.  Classes are tailored to the individual swimmer based on ability, not a time frame for completion.  If your swimmer is ready to move up to the next level, the lesson plan flexibility allows for that to occur on an individualized basis, instead of waiting for the entire class to reach the final goal.

Classes are usually 30 minutes, once a week. We limit our classes to no more than four swimmers per teacher, six for the Baby & Me.  This allows swimmers to receive the ideal level of attention from their teacher, while still having the opportunity to observe their peers performing the in-water skills. Make sure you have booked your child in a class that fits your schedule.  Please understand that the teacher is there and paid to teach your child, even if you do not come to class.  We strive to maintain consistency for our students.  There are, however, situations that require a change in teachers, classmates, or schedules.  We will do everything possible to make transitions smooth for your child.
OUR POOL –      The Swim School’s pool, 50’ x 25’, is one of the largest privately owned pools in Louisiana. Our pool is kept at a comfortable 90° – 93°.


 We are confident that you will be delighted with our program as your swimmer advances through the levels. Then you will know as we do, that this is the way lessons should be.


Please help us keep the pool as clean and sanitary as possible by encouraging your swimmers to use the bathroom facilities before class. Not only will this practice prevent pool accidents, but will save precious class time, should your swimmer need to use the facilities during lessons. We ask that you supervise children under 5 years of age in the bathroom for their safety.


All swimmers at every level need to have a swim suit, a towel, and shoes at every lesson. No bare feet in the parking lot. Beach bags, swim goggles, ear plugs, and swim caps are all optional and available for sale in our pro shop. Any other tools required for class are provided by The Swim School.



Please arrive at The Swim School Shreveport/Bossier at least 5-10 minutes before your child’s class is scheduled to start. New swimmers are rattled when being rushed into class. Late arrival also leads to running on deck, which is hazardous and strongly discouraged. If you and your child are in a Baby & Me class, it is especially important to arrive early. Getting into the pool safely with the little ones takes time. Your Teacher or Deck Manager will hold your child while you enter the water and then hand your child back to you. Safety first!

Please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.  We love hearing from you!